OSHA Compliance Training – Fall Protection

As Fall Protection continues to be on the OSHA™s Focus Four National Emphasis, training for workers and having designated competent persons on the jobsite is a must. CSC™s Fall Protection Training focuses on the OSHA requirements as well as a realistic approach to complying with the OSHA standards out on your job sites.

This OSHA training class will be a 4-6 hour in-depth review of the following topics:

  • How to recognize existing and predictable fall hazards and how to correct or protect against those hazards.
  • The three types of standard fall protection
  • Proper use, maintenance and storage of PFAS
  • Roof and floor penetrations and protection
  • The definition and responsibilities of the Competent Person
  • Other requirements and non-mandatory parts of Subpart M.

Our OSHA training classes can be designed specific to a company needs and operations. So if are conducting operations where fall protection is necessary and need your workers trained, please contact us.

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