OSHA Compliance Training – Ladders & Stairways

At least three hundred people a year die in simple falls from ladders. Ladders account for about 100 thousand injuries each year. Statistics show that in a fall of eleven feet or more, 50% of victims will die. Protecting these workers from ladder related accidents would prevent injuries and deaths every year. This would save American employers millions of dollars in workdays not lost. CSC has developed this training class to help employers train their employees on how to stay safe around ladders and stairs.

This class will do and in-depth review of the following topics:

  • Rules for all ladders: Hazards
  • Wood ladders: Wooden ladders built at the job site
  • Rules for stepladders: Proper use of stepladders
  • Rules for portable ladders: Non-self-supporting and self-supporting portable ladders
  • Rules for fixed ladders: Rest platforms
  • Rules for defective ladders
  • Rules for stairways: Stairways used during construction
  • Handrails: Handrails vs. Stair rail
  • Handrails and Top Rail: Strength

Our classes can be designed specific to a company needs and operations. If you have employees that work from ladders or stairs, training is necessary. Please contact us.

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