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PO Box 5583 Greenville SC 29606

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When your focus is on the safety and well-being of your people, standards and regulations will be easy to comply with.

Recent Projects


San Francisco International Airport

Served as Program Safety Manager for the Planning & Design Division for a major capital expansion program (oversaw 25 major projects). We developed and Implemented a comprehensive safety program, assisted trade partners with the implementation of all site-specific safety policies and procedures, and conducted site specific orientation training as needed. We raised the safety bar and encouraged construction safety best practices, as well as put in place pre-con meetings with trade partners. We achieved phenomenal Incident and DART (Days Away, Restricted or Transferred) rates for this project, over the 2.8 years of the project: 2.19 and 1.47, respectively, for 5,228,835 Manhours. 

Volvo Office Construction

Served as Safety Manager for the Volvo construction project in Charleston, SC for HITT Construction. We managed safety paperwork from all trades on a daily basis, handled monthly safety audits, did daily site visits/reports overseeing that all workers were OSHA compliance. We are proud that we were able to build the safety culture, excelled in the creation of a new safety program, and built a great relationship with all trades. We achieved zero recordable incidents while onsite.


GSP Airport 

Skanska-Moss hired us to provide a site safety director for their work on GSP’s Wingspan. We ran morning safety meetings, did all the job site orientations for subcontractors on site daily, and did safety walks for the 8-month project. Under CSCs guidance, the job site was successful in passing two OSHA compliance inspections with no safety violations.



Siemens hired us to provide project safety during BMW’s 11-day shut down for conveyor upgrade during Christmas. We maintained an accident-free workplace during the duration.


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