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Be Confident that You’re Ready for OSHA with a Mock Inspection

OSHA inspections can be stressful times, especially if you’re not sure you’re ready. Mock OSHA inspections can give you peace of mind that you’re prepared.

One of the services we provide for clients are mock OSHA inspections. These inspections help you identify areas where safety and health violations exist, so you can catch them proactively. We conduct both comprehensive mock inspections and limited inspections that focus on a particular safety program or piece of equipment.

A comprehensive mock OSHA inspection includes a review of your OSHA mandated written health and safety programs, employee safety training records, and injury/illness records, as well as a walk-through of your operations to identify safety hazards.

After we conduct a mock OSHA inspection, we deliver a summary with our findings and recommendations for mitigating problems.

If you’re a client and want to add a mock OSHA inspection into your service list in an upcoming month, or if you’re not a client but want to learn more about mock inspections, feel free to give us a call at 864.905.7835.


Photo Credit: James Willamor



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