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What We Can Learn from a Manufacturing Company That Was Fined Nearly $2 Million for Safety Violations

On July 21st, OSHA announced that they had fined an aluminum manufacturing company based in New Jersey a total of $$1,922,895 for fifty-one safety violations — not something any business wants to experience.

The Injuries

During their on-site inspection, OSHA discovered that two plant employees were hospitalized as a result of the company’s failure to provide adequate protection to their workers. The first worker was sent into a drain area without adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), resulting in chemical burns that required hospitalization. Another worker suffered a broken pelvis when he was caught in between two unguarded moving parts of a fabrication machine.

These two injuries highlight the human and economic costs of failing to provide workers with a safe environment while on the job. The two most serious OSHA violations, in this case, are fairly common causes of worker injuries that can happen in many industries and environments.

What We Can Learn

Use the Correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) — It is the employer’s responsibility to provide their workers with adequate PPE for the job they’re being asked to do and to train them how to use what’s provided. OSHA’s standard, as well as additional resources on PPE, can be found on their Personal Protective Equipment page.

Avoid Caught-in/Between Injuries — According to OSHA data from 2015, caught in-between accidents are one of the “fatal four.” The “fatal four” represent the most high-incidence of worker deaths in the construction industry. Caught-in/between accidents accounted for over 7% of worker fatalities.

Creating and implementing a safety program for your manufacturing or construction business can help you provide a safe working environment for your employees as well as insulating you from potential financial losses that result from injuries or fatalities on the job.

If you have specific questions about setting up a safety program for your business feel free to contact us at 864.905.7835.



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