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Creating a Culture of Safety

For the past few weeks, we’ve been looking what companies and organizations need to put in place in order to benefit the most behavior-based safety. Today, we’re going to discuss the importance of having a strong and positive work environment to be successful and thrive with behavior-based safety.

Culture is Important For Adoption

Before beginning any behavior-based safety program, an organization needs the foundation of a positive work culture that’s committed to safety. If leadership is positive about implementing safety, then workers will be much more apt to get on board. Behavior-based safety programs will also contribute to the safety culture and improve the overall happiness of workers, because they’ll see that keeping workers safe is a priority of the company.

We’ve talked about the importance of strong leaders — employees should see that management is committed, and be willing to work with management on adapting new organizational changes.

Create the Culture

Companies that implement behavior-based safety programs need to take an active role in developing their work culture. It’s no secret that a employee with confidence in his or her company is a better employee. Knowing that an organization is investing in safety and training is valuable in the eyes of employees. Workers can also take pride in knowing that their training or certification is compliant with the latest industry standards in their field or skill set.

Culture doesn’t happen on its own, though. Leadership should decide what they want the culture to be, and then clearly outline the details that will need to be in place to make it happen. From there, daily checklists and reminders can help both management and workers stay on track.

It Starts with Leadership

Your supervisors and managers are a direct connection to front line employees and are essential in creating a culture of safety in the workplace. They will be responsible for implementing aspects of the program, but will also act as role models to workers who see them focusing on safety. Managers will need to address unsafe behavior in work environment but they should also celebrate the successes of their organization.

It Involves Employees

Behavior-based safety also empowers frontline employees to take an active role in their safety and the safety of others around them. During the process, employees will participate in training and learning how to conduct safety observations within groups.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, an organization benefits from creating a positive work culture for its employees. This is especially true for those in industries where employees may need specialized training to be to do their job safely. In the end, in order for your behavior-based safety programs to be successful, your organization needs to support it from the top down.

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