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Debunked Myths of Behavior Based Safety: Part 2 of 3


In the last post we looked at two common misperceptions about Behavior Based Safety. Today we’re going to talk about two more. These myths exist because some companies don’t apply Behavior Based Safety properly, or don’t implement it in a holistic way — which results in problems. These problems don’t come into play, however, if Behavior Based Safety is used in the way it was intended.

Myth 3: Behavior Based Safety is a passing fad.

Although the term “Behavior Based Safety” might be relatively new, the philosophy is based on timeless principles that have been used for decades. Behavior Based Safety becomes an integral part of a company’s safety culture, and is intended to form the foundation of the way a company operates into the future.

Myth 4: Behavior Based Safety is myopic.

The intent of Behavior Based Safety is never to look merely at the incident where a lapse occurred. The system mandates that every process and element surrounding the incident be examined for weaknesses. Although Behavior Based Safety does begin at the incident, it then looks beyond and digs deep into everything that affected the incident. Only with Behavior Based Safety is every possible factor examined.

We use the Behavior Based Safety philosophy because it works like no other safety system. Understanding it and using it in a thorough way does produce the safety results companies are looking for.


photo credit: MoDOT Photos via photopin cc



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