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Debunked Myths of Behavior Based Safety: Part 3 of 3


Today’s post is the final post in a series looking at common misperceptions about Behavior Based Safety. Some companies don’t apply Behavior Based Safety properly or don’t implement it in a holistic way — which results in problems. That’s where the misconceptions come from. However, when Behavior Based Safety is done right, the company sees results. Let’s look at two final myths and why they aren’t true.

Myth 5: Behavior Based Safety relieves management of its responsibilities.

Management and supervision should both be directly involved in Behavior Based Safety. They are held accountable for making sure the process is endorsed and followed. Management can truly lead a company when they are implementing Behavior Based Safety — because they are establishing the safety culture.

Myth 6: Behavior Based Safety is manipulative.

This myth exists because some take a dim view of behavior modification. However, changing attitudes by teaching and training, and changing actions by rewarding safe behavior are not manipulative. Many companies reward positive behavior for successfully doing the job or reprimand purposefully negative behavior — and safety is part of the construction industry’s job. If an employee is not interested in the safety culture, he or she should leave and go to a company that shares his or her beliefs.

When management and employees are all working together in a Behavior Based Safety system, everyone benefits.


photo credit: Western Area Power Admin via photopin cc



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