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Help Prevent Office Injuries With OSHA’s Computer Workstations eTool

There’s a heavy focus in the construction and manufacturing industries on avoiding OSHA’s “fatal four” by providing the training and necessary to keep workers safe. However, according to Bureau of Labor and Statistics data, musculoskeletal disorders account for 33% of all worker injury and illness cases nationwide. Some common examples include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, muscle strains and lower back injuries.

Office workers are particularly prone to these type of injuries. Sitting in one position can increase the amount of strain and muscle tension they experience during the work day. An ergonomic position can greatly reduce the strains associated with office work. Ergonomics helps by fitting the job to the worker.

OSHA’s eTool for computer workstations helps business owners evaluate the ergonomics of their office work stations by leading through a series of guiding statements that help evaluate if their work stations are providing the best fit for their workers. Segments include:

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Keyboard tray
  • Desk and work surface
  • Document holder
  • Wrist rest
  • Chair
  • Computer mouse
  • Telephone
  • Desk lighting

Taking a few minutes to complete one of these checklists for each of your office workers could save you a significant amount of lost time on the job and help you prevent unnecessary injury in the workplace.




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