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How a Safety Involvement Team Can Get Employees On Board a Safety Program

We’re in the middle of a series looking at what companies and organizations need to have in place in order to experience the most benefits from a behavior-based safety program. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the use of safety involvement teams, and why they are essential.

What Is a Safety Involvement Team?

Safety involvement teams are used alongside an organization’s leadership to encourage employee involvement in behavior-based safety. Their purpose is to ensure the success of the program. Typically, they are specially-trained teams used to review the specific changes in action, implement specific plans, and distribute feedback to leadership.

What Do Safety Involvement Teams Do?

A safety involvement team has several tasks that add up to making the program work as it’s intended to. Here are the four most important:

1. Implement Specific Solutions

Safety involvement teams gather information specific to each organization regarding where they need to improve and coach leadership and frontline employees to embrace a culture of safety. This is where changes to specific safety practices are made, for example, a CPR class or training on specific equipment.

2. Observe the Program in Action

Once elements of the program are implemented, safety teams continuously monitor the progress of the organization in action. Have injuries decreased once a specific training program was received by workers? Or is the organization not seeing the desired results? These observations will be used to pinpoint areas that may be ineffective or need improvement.

3. Provide Feedback

Leaders and workers need to be made aware of unsafe behavior, but it’s also about recognizing a job well done. Corrective action will be needed in certain circumstances, but praising people in the organization for their success with safety is often more valuable than reprimanding.

Safety involvement teams will also encourage feedback from leadership to employees as well, and provide them with the proper tools and best practices. As we’ve discussed previously, because leadership serves as a role model, they are essential in the implementation of behavior-based safety.

4. Achieve Involvement and Cooperation

The purpose of the safety involvement team is to bring the workers and managers together to promote and maintain a safe workplace because a positive work environment is essential to the success of all behavior-based safety programs.

Safety involvement teams are essential in maintaining a safe workplace. By reducing injuries, safety teams can directly affect an organization’s bottom line when they ensure the success of the behavior-based safety program.

Next week we’ll discuss the importance of a positive organizational structure, which is the fourth characteristic of companies that are successful with behavior-based safety.

If you’re looking to get your organization started on the path to behavior-based safety, or if you need help implementing a behavior-based program, we’re here to help. Call us at 864-905-7835 and we can talk about your goals and your needs.



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