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How We Helped a Mid-sized Textile Company Reduce Lost Time Days by 60% and Save $200,000 on Workers’ Comp 


We don’t do this often enough, but we want to let you know how we’re helping companies reach their safety goals. Today we’re sharing the story of one of our recent clients (who preferred not to be named due to the “dirty laundry”!) and the excellent results we’ve been able to see working together.

The Situation

A mid-sized textile company here in the Upstate contacted us after experiencing accidents on a regular basis and seeing their workers’ compensation premiums skyrocketing. They knew that their lack of attention to safety didn’t align with who they were as a company — they valued their employees and prided themselves on being a good employer.

The VP of Operations called CSC wanting to become fully OSHA compliant and dramatically reduce accidents. They specifically asked us to identify every OSHA violation and put a program in place that would drive safety into the company culture.

What We Did 

We started with a tour of the facility, and ended up jumping in to help with a lost accident that had just happened. We immediately connected with their desire to make safety a priority — they just didn’t know how to accomplish their goals.

We first completed a series of risk assessment/OSHA Gap Analysis walk thrus of each facility, identifying all physical and procedural OSHA gaps that existed. We reviewed all potential options to satisfy each gap, with safety being the primary goal, but also considering practicality and ultimate probability of reducing and eliminating injuries. We wanted to give the company some options and recommendations that they could choose from to accomplish their goals.

We then created and implemented a safety manual and procedures that satisfy OSHA guidelines. And we performed trainings for all associates to familiarize them with the safety manual, procedures, and what their roles were in each.

Finally, we created and implemented a cross-functional safety committee that is represented by all shifts, all roles, and both hourly and managerial associates.

The Results 

Two years later, the company has reduced their lost time days by 60% and their restricted duty days by 50%. They’ve saved $200,000 on their workers’ comp premiums, and now they have vendors bidding for their business. Not only this, but they’ve also increased production as a result.

The VP of Operations recently said, “We knew when we first met David that he was the one to help us. He’s down-to-earth and practical, and serious but not uptight. He took us from having no real safety program to being fully OSHA compliant. Safety is now a part of our culture, and we’re proud of that. We learned that you really need to own safety to have it make a difference, and David helped us do that.”




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