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Join Us in Celebrating Safety Week!

Every year, more than 80,000 workers suffer an injury on construction job sites across the U.S. One incident is one too many. Life is too precious to not make safety the number one focus in the U.S. construction industry.

Safety Week 2015 is about helping our industry learn how to work safe, but also how to instill a safety culture where safety is a core value—one that we do not compromise.

The ABC (Associated Builder and Contractors) has designated a focus for each of the days of Safety Week:

Monday, May 4 – Fall Protection – OSHA has moved their National Safety Stand Down to Prevent Falls in Construction to coincide with Safety Week 2015. As part of ABC’s efforts to help employees identify and eliminate fall protection hazards on the jobsite, toolbox talks on fall protection requirements, fall protection planning tools and direct links to Capital Safety’s library of fall protection training videos (https://www.youtube.com/user/DBISALA) will be included.
Tuesday, May 5 – Health & Wellness – Safety on the jobsite goes beyond the traditional construction topics and includes teaching employees proper techniques to keep their bodies in peak condition. Resources for Health & Wellness Day will include model stretch & flex programs, proper lifting techniques, workplace violence guides and toolbox talks on healthy living.
Wednesday, May 6 – Soft Tissue Injury Prevention – As each of us in the industry grows older, we must pay more attention to how we perform our work in order to prevent strains, strains and pulls. Soft tissue injury prevention guides will be circulated, along with proper lifting technique wallet cards to help employees understand ways in which they can perform safely.
Thursday, May 7 – Hand Protection – Cuts and fractures to the hands are some of the most common—and preventable—injuries in the construction industry. Resources will be provided on proper cutting techniques, as well as “Know Your Glove” quick cards to help employees identify the different types of cut-resistant gloves for the job at hand.
Friday, May 8 – Employee Appreciation Day – Environment, Health & Safety at Home – ABC’s Safety Week 2015 efforts culminate in a nationwide “Employee Appreciation Day” to celebrate the merit shop’s safest—those who not only look out for their own safety, but are constantly on alert to protect their fellow employees. Guides on providing first aid (in English& Spanish), vacation safety tips and healthy habits will be provided. Safety begins on the jobsite, but continues at home for our employees.



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