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June is National Safety Month: Free Resources You Can Use

Our work as safety instructors and employers is never done when it comes to educating workers on safety and ensuring that everyone is performing their tasks safely. According to National Safety Council, preventable deaths are now at over 130,000 per year – one person dies every four minutes. This is a big deal, and each of us can make an impact to reduce that number.

As part of an effort to emphasize the importance of safety both on and off the job, NSC’s Keep Each Other Safe campaign is promoting safety and health in the workplace and beyond. You can emphasize safety in June by taking the SafeAtWork pledge. On the National Safety Council’s website you’ll find downloadable materials you can use, including a poster, tips sheets, and social media graphics. You can also register for a free webinar on preventable deaths, taking place on June 22.

Let’s work together to reduce the number of needless injuries and fatalities!



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