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Nail Guns: Caution Required!

Shooting nails at well over the speed of the very best major league pitchers, nail guns are both one of the most common and most dangerous tools found on many construction sites. According to the CDC, nail guns account for 37,000 trips to the emergency room annually with 68% of those trips involving construction workers. OSHA reports that nail guns result in more worker hospitalizations than any other construction site tool.
Clearly, more extensive training on handling these powerful tools is needed to keep workers safe while on the job. Here are a few training resources you may find helpful when training new workers or refreshing old ones on nail gun safety. Keeping workers safe on the job is not only the right thing to do, it can also save your business in insurance and legal costs associated with worker injuries.
Straight Talk About Nail Gun Safety – An illustrated cartoon-style training booklet developed by the National Institute of Health and Safety on how to safely operate nail guns. Easy to use and put into practice.
Nail Gun Safety – A nail gun safety guide developed by OSHA for construction contractors. Written by those who work daily in the field, this guide is practical and comprehensive.
If you have questions or if you’d like help making your site safer, please give me a call at (864) 905-7835 and we’ll schedule a time to talk.



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