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New Communications Tower Guide to Best Practices 

Communications towers provide access for many of the conveniences we take for granted like cell service and radio station signals, but these towers present unique safety challenges for those who use and maintain them. In fact, according to OSHA data, between 2013-2016, thirty-four communications tower-related fatalities occurred.

Recently OSHA released a new guide to best practices for companies with workers who service this industry. This comprehensive guide addresses the individual challenges and responsibilities of all stakeholders from tower owners to subcontractors working to maintain them. Safety best practices are discussed for both those maintaining existing towers and those building new ones.
Working to reduce worker injuries and fatalities include best practices that include the following:
  • Education of tower workers on how to report unsafe conditions they may encounter to the appropriate management level.
  • All workers using appropriate safety equipment at all times.
  • Commitment to 100% tie-off from workers to management. Upper management and job site supervisors must monitor and enforce compliance in this area at all times.
  • Not allowing workers to service or construct towers when weather conditions are not stable.
  • Ensuring all workers servicing towers are medically or mentally fit to work at heights. Even over-the-counter medications for a cold can cause drowsiness or lack of focus.
When management, job site supervisors, and workers themselves all focus on best practices for safety, everyone benefits. Being proactive with safety isn’t just the right thing to do, it can help you focus on building your business instead of trying to manage the fallout from a worker injury or death.
You can learn more about keeping workers safe when working on communications towers by visiting OSHA’s Communications Industry page.



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