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OSHA Alliance Partnerships Advance Safety Culture


Promoting a culture of safety in the workplace takes a serious, coordinated effort on the part of any business owner. The OSHA’s Alliance Program offers businesses the opportunity to partner with the agency to help promote the shared mission of providing a safer workplace environment for all employees. Alliance partners agree to assist OSHA in three major areas.

Raising awareness of OSHA initiatives — Business owners participating in an alliance partnership actively develop training materials to provide their workers with current information regarding new and revised safety standards. Worker training is provided on an ongoing basis as updated best practice information becomes available. Employers also agree to take a leadership role in participating in OSHA-sponsored forums and meetings to discuss how to improve worker safety.

Proactive outreach — Alliance partners agree to develop and provide updated training materials and resources to their workers. They are encouraged to be an active part of the worker safety community by presenting at conferences or speaking at OSHA-sponsored events on how they support best practices and effectively train workers in their industry.

Training and educating their workforce — As guidelines change and safety standards are revised, Alliance partners commit to keeping their workforce current. They actively work to develop and maintain a safety training program that offers workers an opportunity to stay informed and engaged in promoting their own well-being in the workplace.

OSHA’s Alliance program provides business owners a strong opportunity to engage with the agency to promote a safer working environment for their employees. When workers are safe, businesses prosper. Promoting safety doesn’t just make financial sense, it’s the right thing to do. Business owners interested in learning more can make contact with their regional office representative.




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