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OSHA is Accepting Public Comments on the Latest Version of its Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines


“No one should have to sacrifice their life for their livelihood, because a nation built on the dignity of work must provide safe working conditions for its people.”
—Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez

OSHA has recently updated their voluntary Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines (OSHA-2015-0018), and is inviting the public to comments.

The guidelines are not a new standard or regulation and do not create any new legal obligations or alter existing obligations created by OSHA standards or regulations. Instead, they serve as recommendations based on what in-field operations have discovered to be best practice for reducing injuries and fatalities. They provide employers and workers with a framework for addressing safety and health issues in the workplace.

Here’s what’s new in the guidelines:

  • A proactive approach to finding and fixing hazards before they cause injury, illness or death
  • Improved safety and health in all types of workplaces
  • Help for small and medium-sized businesses to effectively protect their workers
  • Increase worker involvement, so all workers have a voice in workplace safety and health
  • Better communication and coordination on multi-employer worksites

You can review the guidelines here, and you have until February 15, 2016 to submit your feedback.



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