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OSHA Issues Final Rule For Crane Operator Certification Deadline

Earlier this month, OSHA issued a final rule that set November 10th, 2018 as the deadline for complying with a long-delayed requirement for crane operator certification.

In August of 2010, OSHA issued a final cranes and derricks rule with a compliance deadline set to go into effect three years later. After a series of delays, this set of regulations that deal with certification and competency requirements for crane and derrick operators will go into full effect in less than a year.

OSHA hosts a large amount of helpful data on its website regarding safety and compliance guidelines for companies using cranes and derricks in their work.

Standard Interpretations – Provides more specific guidance from OSHA on a range of topics relating to using cranes and other lifting devices.

Compliance Assistance – A helpful collection of fact sheets, directives from OSHA, as well as an updated FAQ section.

Presentations – This resource hosts a collection of OSHA’s PowerPoint and video presentations on a range of issues related to this topic.

Additional Resources – A catch-all page containing a collection of accident reports, negotiated rulemaking resources, and stakeholder outreach efforts.







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