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OSHA Updates Their Comprehensive Guide To Training Requirements


This month, OSHA announced the release of their fully-updated Training Requirements in OSHA Standards. This guide contains the complete listing of all training requirements in

OSHA standards for employers, safety professionals, training directors, and others whose responsibilities include compliance with and training in OSHA standards.

The guide is comprehensive and is broken into five parts: General Industry, Maritime, Construction, Agriculture, and Federal Employee Programs. OSHA continues stress the importance of worker training in current safety standards as the best means to reduce and eliminate workplace injuries or deaths, and they re-emphasized this when they released the guide. It’s not about paperwork — it’s about reducing injuries and deaths, a goal we are all working towards.

If you have questions about how your company can benefit from creating a safety training program for your employees, please give us a call at 864.905.7835.

Image credit: California State University



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