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OSHA v-Tools Highlight Construction Site Dangers

More than 800 construction workers die in the US each year in work-related injuries, while nearly 137,000 more are injured while on the job. Construction workers are exposed to many serious hazards: falling from rooftops, unguarded machinery, being struck by heavy construction equipment, electrocutions, silica dust, and asbestos.

OSHA has recently developed a great resource to help employers in the construction industry with improving the safety of their jobsites: v-Tools. The v-Tools are a large collection of safety-related videos that are organized around a graphic of a typical construction site. The layout makes it easy to find different hazard topics that are linked to safety videos which address how workers can stay safe in potentially dangerous working conditions like floor openings, skylights, etc.

Topics covered include:

  • Falls in Construction
  • Struck-by Accidents
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Excavations
  • Electrocutions

Using this tool as a training resource for your workers can help identify potential hazards that exist on construction sites and how to avoid them safely. Companies that focus on the safety of their workers are in much better position to thrive than those who cut corners when it comes to worker well-being.

Find the v-Tools here.

If you have questions or if you’d like help making your site safer, please give me a call at (864) 905-7835 and we’ll schedule a time to talk.





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