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OSHA’s Local and National Emphasis Programs Are Reducing the Most Common Causes of Injuries and Fatalities


Because the nation is so diverse when it comes to industry and geography, different threats face workers in different areas of the country. OHSA has created two programs to address the most common causes of injuries, nationwide as well as regionally: the National Emphasis Program and the Local Emphasis Program.

These programs are OSHA’s effort to reduce the most common causes of injuries and fatalities in each region. They combine enforcement and educational outreach – including mailings and training materials – to employers whose workers face certain hazards.

National Emphasis Programs  include:

  • combustible dust
  • federal agencies
  • hazardous machinery
  • hexavalent chromium
  • isocyanates
  • lead
  • nursing and residential care facilities
  • primary metal industries
  • process safety management
  • shipbreaking
  • silica
  • trenching and excavation

You can find a list of Local Emphasis Programs along with their regions on the OSHA website.



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