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Printable OSHA Computer Workstation Checklist Helps Pinpoint Ergonomic Trouble Spots


We did a blog post in February on the importance of providing employees with an ergonomic workspace in order to prevent injury in office-related jobs. Many employers overlook safety procedures for office workers due to the perceived low-risk environment they typically work in. So it may come as a surprise to learn that the most recently available 2014 Bureau of Labor and Statistics data shows that those working as Office and Administrative Support Specialists suffered over 67,000 work-related injuries that resulted in an average of 8 days out of work. 

One common type of injury in the office environment is musculoskeletal disorders resulting from poor ergonomics. To help employers identify and correct poor ergonomic conditions in the office, OSHA has a printable workstation checklist that be completed by workers and used to help identify problem areas. The results of the checklist provides valuable information to employers for correcting common ergonomic issues in an office environment. 

Like all injuries in the workplace, musculoskeletal disorders in the office environment don’t have to occur. With proper evaluation, training, and workstation setup, employers can eliminate this type of workplace injury. If you have questions about evaluating for proper office ergonomics feel free to give us a call at 864.905.7835.



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