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Reporting Requirements Show Over 7 Amputations Per Day in U.S. Workplaces

Since OSHA began requiring employers to report severe injuries in 2015, the agency has recorded on average more than seven amputations a day. And this number is likely lower than the actual number because OSHA’s data doesn’t include workplaces covered by state plans.

These statistics represent real people who have suffered permanent, life-changing injuries. And they are preventable!

Employers need only to follow these three simple (and legally mandated) tips:

  • Turn off and lock out power sources: Ensure that machines are de-energized whenever they’re being serviced.
  • Prevent contact: Install machine guards or use other engineering means to prevent hands and other body parts from contacting dangerous parts during operation.
  • Train workers: Ensure that workers are trained in the safe use and maintenance of potentially hazardous equipment, and ensure that those safe practices are followed every day.

To learn more about preventing amputations, check out OSHA’s national emphasis program on amputations.


Image Credit: WireCrafters



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