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Safe + Sound Week: Safe Workplaces = Sound Businesses

June 12-18 is “Safe + Sound Week,” a new nationwide OSHA effort that’s designed to raise awareness of the value and importance of workplace safety and health programs.

Companies and organizations are making great strides in improving safety, but still over four million workers suffer serious job-related injuries or illnesses annually. We can’t stop trying to decrease this number!

Safe + Sound Week can help companies and organizations get their safety and health program started or give new life to an existing one that’s stalled out.

OSHA notes that effective safety programs all share the following three elements, and we’ve found these to be essential for successful programs:

  • Management leadership that commits to establishing, maintaining and continually improving the program. Managers must also provide needed resources to support the program.
  • Workers who help identify solutions for improvements. A workforce engaged in safety and health programs result in higher productivity, increased job satisfaction and strong worker retention, which combine to increase revenues and lower turnover and recruitment costs.
  • A systematic “find and fix” approach that calls upon employers and workers alike to examine their workplaces – proactively and routinely – to identify and address hazards before an injury or illness occurs.

Want more information on Safe + Sound Week, ideas for events and resources to participate, and details of planned events around the country? Check out this page. 



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