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OSHA Compliance Training – Trenching & Excavation

As trenching and excavation is one of the most hazardous jobs in the construction industry, it is no wonder that OSHA continues to keep it as a National Emphasis. When a cave-in occurs, it usually leads to one or more fatalities. Most people don’t get a second chance. For this reason CSC has developed this 6 to 8 hour Trenching and Excavation Competent Persons Training Class.

This class will do an in-depth review of the following topics:

  • Soil mechanics / Typing & analysis
  • Definition and responsibilities of the Competent Person
  • The different kinds of protective systems & their proper use
  • Recognition of both existing and predictable hazards (including hazardous atmospheres)
  • When a registered P.E. is required
  • Other requirements of Subpart P

Our classes can be designed specific to a company needs and operations. So if are conducting trenching operations and need your workers trained, please contact us.

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