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Study Reveals Importance of Providing Adequate Hand Protection for Workers

According to Bureau of Labor and Statistics data, nearly 3.5 million workers sustain non-life threatening injuries each year on the job. Not surprisingly, about 40% of those injuries are to the hands. Typical workplace hand injuries involve things like broken bones, lacerations, and burns. Skin rashes, dermatitis, and sometimes even cancer can result from exposure to toxic chemicals or other hazards that result from inadequate hand protection.

The results of a recent industrial safety study done by B2B International revealed some interesting conclusions about how industry leaders and workers view the importance of glove safety. According to the study, 84% of the 350 health and safety professionals survey worry about their workers’ safety. From the viewpoint of the workers themselves, 40% of the 250 workers surveyed questioned if the hand protection provided by employers was good enough to protect them as they worked. 25% of those survey said they felt pressured by employers to continue using gloves that were past the point where they should be replaced.

With such a large amount of workplace accidents involving hand-related injuries, understanding the types of hand protection needed in different types of industrial and construction settings is very important. The research shared in this study highlights how often industry safety professionals and the workers themselves think about and desire adequate hand protection on the job.

More resources:

  • OSHA’s Personal Protective Equipment Publication – Provides detailed information on types of worker hand protection and situations when the types of hand protection described is warranted. Hand protection information starts on page 22 of the publication.
  • OSHA Regulations for Hand Protection – OSHA regulation detailing the employers requirement to provide adequate hand protection to workers based on the individual workplace hazards.

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