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What’s the Big Deal about Safety? Part 3: The Competitive Reasons

HA0436. July 08. Construction of Hindhead Tunnel, Devils Punchbowl, Hindhead, Surrey

Over the last two weeks, we’ve looked at ethical and financial reasons to make safety a priority. But there are also competitive reasons — safety will make your company more efficient and more attractive to project owners, management companies, and general contractors.

Competitive Reasons for Safety

Accidents are costly. When there’s a safety incident on a job site, you experience loss of worker productivity and delays in project schedules.

Delays may lead to further expense by having to pay liquidated damages. If an accident results in an injury, you’re then looking at increased workers’ compensations costs and potential legal fees. You’ve also got to replace the worker, which means more down time.

Project owners and general contractors don’t want to deal with hassle. They want to work with companies that aren’t going to be causing delays — which means few to no accidents.

If you have a strong safety culture, you’ll not only be able to save money and operate more efficiently, you’ll also be more desirable to companies you want to work for.


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