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Wildfire Preparedness For Your Business

We’re about to enter wildfire season, especially in the West. Being prepared will help your company and your workers weather any unexpected wildfires that may affect your business.

FEMA has released a comprehensive guide on surviving a wildfire. It includes a variety of topics on surviving and recovering from a wildfire. Although it’s intended audience isn’t just business owners, it contains some important takeaways for business owners interested in protecting their business from risks associated with wildfires.

Create a Defensible Space

Any building needs a minimum of 30 feet of well-irrigated space that’s free from dry fuel sources. Anything less than that is inviting tragedy. Commercial buildings need the same perimeter that’s non-flammable in the event a wildfire strikes your area.

Know Where Your People Are

Your best chance at surviving a wildfire is not to be present. If the wildfire risk in your area is high or if an active wildfire is present in your area, stay in close communication with your crews. Be aware of where they are and the risks associated with where they’re scheduled to work. Closely monitoring emergency response channel of communication on TV, radio, or social media can be what saves you or one of your workers on a job site.

Gather Critical Documents While You Can

Paper documents or computers with digital resources you can’t replace need to be secured if you’re in an area prone to wildfire risk. If you don’t back up your critical business documents in the cloud already, now might be a good time to consider doing so. Losing documents such as invoicing or project-related data can put your business behind by weeks or longer.

Wildfires are something that many businesses are not prepared for. Especially if you operate in an area that has an elevated risk, preparing for one ahead of time can help protect you, your workers, and your business from damage that’s hard to recover from.



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